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As you know, the race in which we are going to participate in 2023, the Ocean Globe Race, is a retro race. It is the rebirth of the 1973 Whitbread in which renowned boats will participate, like Maiden.

It was 50 years ago, and most of our team wasn't born at that time. But maybe you were, and you have some pictures of you sailing that same year.

Now, our goal is to build a visual story all together of the beginnings of the Whitbread, and how was sailing and life at that time. Maybe you were at the starting line, maybe you were listening to the radio or watching this incredible event at the television and you want to share with us this moment.

We'll then revisit as many locations you've sent us, to compare how it was that day and how it is today. The pictures and anecdotes will  form part of an exposition in Montreal!

Share your story and your anecdotes with us and with the ArcticStern Community.

How to participate:

Send us an email at by clicking on the icon below with:

   -name & first name 

   -the pictures

   -date the picture was taken

   -location of the picture

   -a small description or anecdote you want to share!

As soon as we have enough pictures they will be showed here below

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