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An expedition and a traditional sailing race around the world to enhance the relationship between humans and the ocean

ArcticStern Sailing is an NGO created in 2019 in Quebec by a team of adventurers driven by their passion for sailing and their love for nature.

Our values are to initiate and nourish a movement of sharing around sailing and the environment, in order to promote a social change towards eco-responsible behaviors.

Through these passions that unite us and fuel our determination we wish to transmit both the taste for adventure and the desire to surpass oneself and the attachment to nature through sensitization of the general public to the stakes of marine conservation.

It is through various international projects as well as the Ocean Globe Race 2023 that we wish to encourage social change towards eco-responsible behavior.

We have four missions that are close to our hearts and that will guide us in our journey and actions: 


Bateau traditionnel
Creating and exploring links between the ocean and humans

 Creating and exploring links between the ocean and humans

During our expeditions, we meet with communities to learn more about their relationship with the ocean and to learn from their experiences.


For our part, the practice of sailing brings us closer to the ocean every day.


We want to share our questions, our challenges, our encounters and our daily life with you.

>>> Read our articles to learn more.

Limiting our eccological impact

Through our experiences, we seek to live and encourage environmental-friendly practices on land and at sea. 

>>> Read our articles to learn more.

Limiting our ecological footprint

Education et vulgarisation

Educate and raise awareness of ocean issues

Waste collection, painting and educational games, etc


It is through workshops focused on the knowledge of the ocean and its issues that we share our knowledge with school groups of all ages. 

>>> Would you like to organize an activity? Contact us for more information.

PArticipation scientifique

Participate in scientific and environmental projects

Our beautiful sailboat Venus allows us to act as a logistic platform for scientific and environmental projects.

>>> Do you have a documentary project or an artistic project related to the ocean? Do you want to collect data on the marine environment, or just reconnect with nature in a simple way?


Contact us.

ArcticStern in numbers

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