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Become a Partner!

At ArcticStern, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of sailing expeditions and environmental advocacy. To achieve this, we rely on a network of incredible partners who share our values and commitment to sustainability.

Are you a company passionate about ocean health and sustainability? We're always looking to expand our network of partners.


Learn more about how your products or services can help us navigate a cleaner, healthier future for our planet!

1% For The Planet

1% For The Planet (1).png

Share the passion, protect the ocean: Become a 1% for the Planet Member with ArcticStern!

Earn 1% for the Planet certification by contributing 1% of your annual sales to environmental causes. 

Because we are an official partner, consider joining our mission by making a donation and becoming an official 1% for the Planet member!


Supporting ArcticStern is much more than only sponsoring a sailing team, it's also to encourage our missions and spread our values! 

 Increase your media exposure

An incredible media exposure during the whole preparation of the team, our projects and during the race which is going to be followed worldwide

Position yourself as a leader for change

Support the causes of the project, raise public awareness of environmental issues and share meaningful values, involvement and adventure.

Be part of the adventure

You'll be the firsts to receive news from the project, access to unique multimedia and privileged access to our events

But it is above all to participate in a human adventure!

Don't miss this incredible sponsoring opportunity!

For more details, here is our detailed presentation.

Our Official Partners

Our Official Partners

We truly appreciate your continued support and partnership! It's thanks to partners like you that we can achieve our goals

Partenaire Caisse Hydro

Financial Partner


Scientific Partner


Wind generator Supplier

Grab yours while supporting our project

WPG Canada.png

Marine Hardware, Sailing Gear and Rope Supplier


Join the Team

You want to help us on this project?

This project is collaborative and anyone interested can get involved and contribute. This is how we quickly received support and how the team grew.

Now you can make make the difference! 

Whether it comes from advice, sponsorships, connections, or financial support, you name it don’t hesitate to reach out!

They support us already

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