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ArcticStern Sailing Team


Axel Galpy-Massé
Skipper & Mission Manager

Always smiling, jovial and adventurous by nature, his interest and concern for the environment led him to become an engineer in energy and sustainable development.

After spending some years working for one the biggest enterprise of Quebec, his passion for adventure, ocean conservation and sailing has pushed him to build the NGO ArcticStern Sailing in order to share his passions.

With more than 20 000 nm of offshore experience he's eager to share passion and experience with you.

Geologist by training, her body and mind beat to the rhythm of adventure. Whether it is aboard a sailboat, at the foot of a cliff to climb, or in the oceans, nothing scares her. It is her passion for adventure and sharing that fuels each of her decisions. 

It is with determination that she joined ArcticStern to implement environmental, cultural and social projects in order to be part of the change and share them with all of you.


Chloé Esnault
Co-Skipper & Project Manager


Victor Chodernic
Science Lead

Student in marine environment expertise, the ocean is his environment and adventure his way of life.


Whether it is during scientific research on marine animals or during expeditions, his energy and vitality make him a key member. 

Born surrounded by water in the Indian Ocean and sailing since his childhood, his love of the sea and the outdoors naturally led him to join the team for this extraordinary adventure.


Trained as an engineer working in geomatics (a profession that combines geography and computer science), he leaves Mercator at work to find it in the chart table! 


The Ocean Globe Race 2023 is for him a human and sporting challenge, but above all an opportunity to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the marine environment.


Benjamin Campin
Partnership Manager


ArcticStern is run by a small team, supported by passionate volunteers. Any available positions in our core team will be listed below. Please click on the role for more details.

​No available position today

If you don’t see a suitable role, but would like to volunteer, please email us on with more information about your skills and areas of interest.

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