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With ArcticStern we offer a Coaching and Follow-up Program to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's for a day trip, an ocean crossing or a round the world trip, we are here for you.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a beginner, with our program you will be ready to set sail and realize your dream and your project in a safe way, to live a unique experience and to reach your goals.

This program takes place through videoconference sessions during which you will be able to exchange with our coach, according to the theme and the questions of your choice. It is divided into several phases:

Phase I: Exploration

We will explore and analyze your objectives as well as the objectives of your project in order to define the different steps that will lead to its realization as well as as well as the priorities.

Is your goal the challenge/experience/performance? What is the route?

Phase II: Preparation

The preparation of a crossing implies the preparation of the boat, the crew, but also all aspects related to navigation.

Itineraries, weather, supplies, first aid, offshore survival, damage, onboard dynamics, night watches, morale, mindset are all subjects that can be addressed.

The preparation is the most important step to have a great experience and for the for the success of the project.

I am planning an ocean crossing, how much time should I allow? I am planning an ocean crossing, what should I take with me?

I have a fire on board, what is my emergency plan?

Phase III: Navigation

Once the boat and the crew are ready, it is time to weigh anchor. During this stage, the important points that can be discussed are the management of emotions, the management of the crew, the management of supplies, the management of stress, and the management of the boat, management of stress, or the management of the challenges that arise.

It's my first crossing, am I capable of it? What should I do if something goes wrong on board?

At the end of our coaching program you will be ready to weigh anchor and live your dream!

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