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5 Sailing movies for Winter (Part 1)

Who hasn't dreamed of snuggling under a blanket watching a sailing film or documentary, when it's -20 ° C outside and winter has been reigning for 5 months?

That's my case.

But we too have all lived through this moment when we are unable to decide which film to watch.

Here is a small list of films that will take you aboard a sailboat, to sail on the blue.

The order of the list is arbitrary, because they are is so different from each other that any comparison is superfluous.

1- Maiden (2018)

What better way to start the list than this recent film, which follows the journey of Tracy Edwards who, in the 80s, brought an all-female team to participate in the Whitebread race of 1989, where women were very little present until then.

Thrilling and human adventure following in the footsteps of young girls who no one took seriously, and who nevertheless achieved what was considered impossible.

2-Comme un seul homme (2019)

Éric Béllion.

Those who followed the last edition of the Vendée Globe will surely have heard hisname at some point. It was not its competitive, efficient and professional side, remarkable on other boats, that caught my eye. What came to me was his human side. This film is not the story of an adventure or an exploit, but that of a person like you and me who had to face his fears and difficulties. This is what makes the beauty from his experience. Embark on his boat and live the adventure with Eric.

3- All is lost (2013)

The risk of collision with floating objects is always present when on the water. But what would you do if you were woken up by a container smashing your hull? An exciting film that will serve as a reminder for those who have followed their Offshore Survival Course and an introduction for the others!

4-En solitaire (2013)

If your dream was to participate in the Vendée Globe, that you manage to participate in this solo race around the world, and then, after weeks of hard work and sacrifices for performance, in critical lack of sleep, you discover that you are not alone on board, which implies automatic disqualification if the organizers discover it, what would you do?

5- Kon Tiki

The true story of Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer who, in 1947, wanted to demonstrate that the migration of the ancestors of the human populations from the islands of Polynesia could have taken place from South America by sea. There are two versions of this film, the documentary film with vintage images and the version for the general public.

If you love adventures and history, this documentary is for you!

What about you? What movie would you recommend, which one made you dream?


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